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Technical Guidelines

Technical Guidelines for submission of Artwork and List of Names/Details

Pdf. or High-Resolution J-PEG (300dpi)
CMYK * please provide CMYK values for all Pantone or other SPOT equivalents.
Please provide 3mm Bleed all-round.
All fonts to be converted to Curves, Paths or Create Outlines.


When you send through your artwork,  it will be reviewed by a designer. If necessary, adjustments will be made so that you receive exactly what you had in mind. Before production goes ahead, a
proof of the artwork will be sent to you, and if further changes are required, we will do it for you - FREE OF CHARGE!

Vector art is preferred during this process, as it decreases production time. However,a high quality bit-mapped image may be acceptable too. If you are having trouble designing your name badges – please do not hesitate to contact us – we would love to help!

If you have rendered your image in Corel Draw, that is perfect.  You can simply upload or send us the Corel Draw file.  We can also work with the following file types – PDF / EPS / AI and may be able to assist if your artwork is in MS Word, Publisher or Powerpoint.

Lists (Names/Details):

We want to get the text right the first time. In order for us to do this effectively, you will need to enter the text EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your name badges. (Please indicate lower and
uppercase lettering).

For duplicate Name Badges, please enter the name in twice (or as many as is required).

Lists can be uploaded for online orders, or sent to us in the form of an attachment via email (excel spreadsheets are
preferred) for offline orders.  Faxed lists are also accepted, but production time will be significantly lengthened as we will have to retype the list for you and get you to approve before starting with your order.


If you have a design, that is intended to meet with the edges of the trimmed badge backing, please extend that part of the design by at least 2-3mm beyond the cut line. This gives the image a ‘bleed’, which allows for some leeway in the production process.

Text or logos should be placed about 2-3mm inside the cut line.


When it comes to colour and colour matching, we can use:

CMYK (e.g. 0,84,84,45 – Scarlet) – Preferred

RGB ( e.g. 255,255,555 – White)

Pantone® – we print in CMYK, so if you supply us with a Pantone® COLOUR, we can try and match it as closely as possible.

Font guidelines:

Our collection/library of fonts is rather extensive, but you might want to check that we have your font(s), before you submit your artwork, especially if your artwork contains a rare or obscure font.

If the font you have used is not subjected to any licence – why not attach the font to your artwork, and then we can add it to our collection. When you supply us with your font, giving us the desired point size is a good idea too. If we have both of these, we can replicate them.

On that note,when you design your own badge, please make sure it is created to actual size, otherwise point sizes will mean nothing.



Once we have received your order or an email with the details for your Name Badge(s), we will draw up a proof and email it to you.  We will only start the manufacturing process once you are entirely happy with the proof.  For large orders, we may also send you a sample before proceeding with your order.


We start the production process once you approve the proof and we have received payment confirmation.  This usually takes 24-48 hours and your order is then dispactched per courier.

If you have a particular deadline, please let us know in advance so that we can confirm whether we will be able to manufacture and deliver your badges in time.