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Blog Archives: 2015

button badges

Are Button Badges The Right Choice For Your Business?

12th October 2018

Button Badges are something quite new we’re offering here at NameBadgeSA, you might not have even known it was an option for your business! Button badges are round in shape …

Affordable Name Badges for Conferences and Events

10th September 2018

Think back to the last conference or workshop you attended. That shiny, fancy name badge you got at the registration table? What did you do with it? We’re pretty …

Why Are Name Badges So Important?

Why Are Name Badges So Important?

29th May 2018

Companies all share a similar goal, to grow and to be come more successful. With growth comes an increase in staff, new departments, offices and branches. Name badges offer a sophisticated, …

Custom Engraved Signs

Custom Engraved Signs

09th April 2018

Do you know that we offer engraved signs, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use. It is always reassuring to walk into a building and be very aware of …

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World Class Customer Service

The 5 F’s of World Class Customer Service

13th March 2018

If you have subscribed to our feeds or are browsing this site, then you are probably in the service industry. This short article gives a very short overview of how …

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